oh, europa!

i lived here.


it’s beautiful, isn’t it?


oh, the duomo and all it’s splendor.

and the alps, in the background.

lovely. simply, lovely.

this path…i will never forget this path.

it led me to where i stood to take the picture above.

i love this picture.

if only an old, italian man were walking in the distance, it would be complete.

and then there were the travels…

that’s what i miss most of all.

going somewhere unknown.

relying on common sense and a map.

oh, europa! i miss you.


2 thoughts on “oh, europa!

  1. i’m going to need some of your “have-to-sees” because matt is taking me to italy in July. (!!!!!!) I’ve been before, in high school, but it was such a whirlwind tour that it’s hard to remember what city we were even in.
    mainly, what i need are the top cafes i need to go to in venezia, firenze, and roma. we may also stop in naples so that i can visit capri (my favorite place in the world).
    i love your love for europe…it’s inspiring!

  2. that is sooooooo exciting. i am so jealous and extremely happy for you two. and i would love to make a list for you. and capri, is my second favorite place to be in the world, with the first being in positano, italy. capri is breathtaking…it’s actually where the boat picture was taken above.

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