a picture.

sunday was ‘reporting sunday’ at church. a time to review what our church has done in missions over the year. where we’ve been, what God provided and more. it’s always so humbling to listen to people share their stories of how God used them and continues to use them.

at one point, a picture from our South Africa trip popped up. tears filled my eyes.

in a moment. in less than one second, i was transported back in time, to another country half-way across the world, feeling important. feeling useful. feeling filled up and satisfied. yet, i was standing in the middle of poverty, if you can even call it that. i was playing with children who know death the way we know mcdonald’s. i was learning how differences make for the best conversations.

and my heart grew all over again.

all this from a picture.

all this from a 23-hour plane ride to what is now and forever will be one of my favorite places in all the world. yes, even before firenze’s duomo, or venezia’s st. mark’s square, even the isle of andros in greece. because while those things are wonderful, full of splendor and beauty, they don’t provide a sense of fulfillment the way a child does when they grab your hand to come play.

they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s the silence they envoke that is much more valuable.


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