a post of honesty.

just some thoughts that have run through my mind the past months…

i dislike

it when people think they know me more than they do; it’s aggravating to be told you like something when you don’t.

when people disregard your feelings to pump up they’re own happiness.

when i follow a new recipe to a “t” and it does not come out like i know it should, especially when the ingredients are expensive.

when i cant be as honest as i would like. the harmonizer in me comes out and is a coward, but the energizer in me wants to speak out.

the fact that most people never ask the hard questions. people are too worried to step on toes, myself included.

that i’m not very trustful, i can count on 3 fingers the people i trust with anything.

i like

north metro church. it centers me. God continues every Sunday to use it in my life. i am blessed to be a part of something as wonderful as that church.

the fact that when people ask me what i want to do with my life, my answer is always the same thing that it’s been since i was 12. the problem with this is…only a couple of people know the true answer, i normally tell people the answer they want to hear.

it when i can make tyler laugh so hard he cries. we have a special bond, a bond that i am most grateful for.

the bond that i have with my sister. unless you have a sister, you can’t truly understand this. i used to pray for a baby brother when i was little, now i’m thankful-times-a-million for d. she understands me like no one ever will. but, i guess that’s the point of a sister.

meal planning and saving money. i’m good at both which makes it even more fun.

journaling. (not a diary) a book that holds my heartbreaks and disappointments as well as the best of days and God-filled moments. i like to think it’s my book to God of all He did in my life. i also like reading through old journals and seeing how God provided.

ok…that’s enough honesty for one post.


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