pride and prejudice.

i adore the movie. i could watch it a bazillion times and never tire of its romantic speech, it’s purely intoxicating romance, the hilarity drawn from the Bennett family, and who could ever get over the score from the movie??

i love it.

i watched the movie twice this past weekend. i’m not ashamed. i fell asleep watching it and instead of picking back up from it…i started it all over again.

besides, i could never ever get tired of listening to the music. it’s quite possibly one of my favorite albums. so soothing. so endearing. so hopeful.

maybe it’s because i’ve never met a man that lived up to the respect, loyalty, and sincerity that mr. darcy possesses, but he is forever a standard is my mind. call me a hopeless romantic, i’m ok with that.

just my thoughts on quite possibly my favorite movie eve.


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