saving money.

i love it. i love it even more when i can use coupons and get things for free or almost free.

the problem with this is…most stores only give the majority of the really good deals to crappy items. items that, well, are made of preservatives and aren’t good for you.

why can’t stores do buy 1 lb. of fresh fruit/vegetables get a lb. for free?

why can’t any store have some really good sales on organic milk? organic anything for that matter?

my mom and i do a fantastic job of buying really healthy stuff at an affordable cost.

but it would be nice if there were better buys for the healthy living people.

does anyone else feel that way? anyone?


2 thoughts on “saving money.

  1. agreed.
    i love going to the grocery store and seeing healthy items in my cart. however, my heart sinks when i see the person checking out in front of me, using coupons galore, and she saves a ton of money on her grocery cart full of junk. my money saving tip? i try to use the same ingredients in an assortment of meals throughout my week. for example, i can buy a huge bag of red and green peppers at a great price (especially compared to purchasing them individually). but, i’m not going to use all those peppers for chicken fajitas. so, i’ll get creative and plan to make chili and add peppers to that dish as well. we’re getting our veggies, but i’m not having to buy 7 different varieties of veggies for one week. however, this wouldn’t work for you at all, because we all know that peppers are not your friend. :)

  2. another helpful tip:
    buy what’s on sale and in season.
    for example…green beans….we buy them in-season when they’re cheap, freeze them, then pull them out throughout the winter. it’s more cost-effective.

    we also freeze fruit and meat a lot.

    freezing fruit is about the cheapest way to eat it. you’re getting all the vitamins and stuff without paying a ridiculous price. right now…we eat a lot of apples and pears.

    in the summer…lots of berries.

    ya da ya da ya da.

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