beef short ribs.

yesterday, i made beef short ribs. they were delectable. they were tender, falling off the bone. they were one of the most flavorable pieces of beef i have ever eaten.

and it was her recipe.

though, i’ve been sick, and couldn’t taste much of anything…i could taste this. the wine, oh the wine, so perfectly flavored everything. it encompassed the flavor. it was beautiful. don’t get me started on the rosemary and thyme that were thrown in the pot. my mouth and tummy were so utterly happy.

i’m not typically a beef person. i’ve said that before.

but, this, this wasn’t just any beef dish. it was heaven, on my plate.

i highly encourage you to try it. it’s not hard. in fact, it’s pretty easy.

and you will love it.

we has a potato mishap, so instead of serving it with mashed potatoes i served it with some gnocchi. that was also heavenly.

i hope you had a Merry Christmas! i know between the cookbooks, homemade bacon gravy and biscuits, beef short ribs and drinking some of the best white wine i’ve ever had, i had the best holiday.

many blessings to you!


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