a moment.

last night, as i was in the kitchen preparing for Christmas, i couldn’t help but think of my grandmother. the one who sacrificed so much for me and my sister throughout the years. the one who made us breakfast for 12 years every morning before school. the one who gave us the barrel of gifts each time a grandchild was majorly sick. the one who showed me about selfless love like Christ. the one whose Bible i read out of every morning before school, learning anything i could about the psalms or the gospels. she loved so much that my heart now grows ten times just thinking about her.

this Christmas, my heart yearns for the Christmas’s where my grandmother welcomed us for Christmas brunch, where my grandaddy stood over the stove cooking bacon, where we loved much. so much, that even now, i still feel the most tender and caring love.

i was and am truly blessed to have some of the world’s best grandparents. i’m so very thankful that they lived close enough, and that they were all an integral part of my life.

warm, sweet tears of remembrance and joy fall down my face this Christmas.

my cup overflows.


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