baby steps.

tyler can stand on his own now.

it’s a big deal. a huge one.

because, he can’t crawl yet. he can’t crawl because of his PICC line.

but, he can stand.

he can stand.

my, what one can learn from this!

sometimes, life doesn’t go according to what tradition tells us.

life doesn’t look just like the books tell you it will.

but, life will happen in its own time.

though this story is about a baby. my favorite baby.

i learn multitudes through his life.

because sometimes you just might walk before you crawl.

and sometimes God doesn’t want you to be traditonal.

i’m ok with that. i’m ok with both of those.

because who wants to be traditional anyway??

not me.


3 thoughts on “baby steps.

  1. I read this yesterday and, at the time, I had so many things I wanted to say to you but I couldn’t put them into words. So, as I have continued through yesterday and today and I can’t seem to get this story out of my mind, I thought you should know that your perspective and Tyler’s life are blessing me more than I can say. You’re so wise, bw. And so strong. Love you :)

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