the pillow.

enjoy this:

drove my mom’s car to watch the glee finale with frisbee.

we decided coke floats would be good.

picked her up.

started the drive to publix, where shopping is a pleasure.

saw something on the road.

couldn’t figure out what it was.

straddled the car, as to not run over it,

but it would go under the middle of the car.

decided it was a pillow.

it comforted my soul to know it was nothing potentially harmful.

get to publix.

get out of the car.

the pillow is there.


i have a moment where i almost peed in my pants from laughter.

i guess it got caught on the tailgate.

and preceded to drag the way cans might on someone’s wedding day when they drive off.

it didn’t want to come off.

after pulling it finally broke the string.

i, then, was faced with the dilemma of what to do with it.

we decided to drag it and lay it next to the small trash can.

i laughed a lot.

it was really funny.


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