away in a manger…

i love it when God takes a song that i’ve heard all my life and uses it to humble me, and remind me how human Jesus became.

if you’re like me, i struggle sometimes with the fact that i don’t feel like God understands my hurts. and in turn, i fail to trust Him. i fail to give myself wholly to Him. but then, nights like tonight remind me that if Jesus was born in a manger, a place where animals eat, that surely Jesus must know how i feel. he was the Savior of the earth and was born in such a dirty place. it is so humbling to me, and something that i dont think of often enough.

then it made me think of all the moments that i don’t spend in true serenity to Him. how many moments i miss that God wants to show me things but i’m too concerned with myself or with things that just don’t matter.

this Christmas, i am humbled by much. life, a gift, is what i am most thankful for this year. Jesus’ life was celebrated this time of year, so i plan to make much of His life and life in those i treasure most. i long to live a life with as much trust as Mary must have had in the Lord. she was so faithful to Him, that He trusted her with his most treasured gift. i am also humbled at what i have, which is not a lot. it’s challenging to live in a world where everyone has things and can do things, but when you don’t, you become increasingly aware of two things: 1. that you dont need all the stuff that others have and  2. most people are more materialistic than they realize. (i am at fault for this). through all of that though, you learn that God gives you all you need and provides what you need.

this Christmas, i am so very grateful that God chose the least of places to welcome His son into this world.


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