oh, to be back in the country i love!

i have always loved this picture of the nightlife in roma. it captures so many different things.

oh, venezia! how i miss your beautiful glass and bellini’s!

the new year.

just a few things on my list for this next year:

travel somewhere i’ve never been. we’ll see what God does this year.

figure out how to make my grandmother’s biscuits.

dream big. (i kinda lost this the past couple of years. but not this year)

get out of any and all debt. (i yearn to live financially free.)

run a 5k.

invest in some le creuset cookware.

pray that God will cure tyler of his illness…

(which, is you’ve missed is: auto-immune hemolytic anemia and auto-immune hepatitis.)

and many, many more….but these are just a few.


i’m excited about 2010.

it’s full of lots of things.

but mostly the unknown.

and that, that makes me happy.

it gives me something to look forward to…

so 2010…


i’m ready for you.

beef short ribs.

yesterday, i made beef short ribs. they were delectable. they were tender, falling off the bone. they were one of the most flavorable pieces of beef i have ever eaten.

and it was her recipe.

though, i’ve been sick, and couldn’t taste much of anything…i could taste this. the wine, oh the wine, so perfectly flavored everything. it encompassed the flavor. it was beautiful. don’t get me started on the rosemary and thyme that were thrown in the pot. my mouth and tummy were so utterly happy.

i’m not typically a beef person. i’ve said that before.

but, this, this wasn’t just any beef dish. it was heaven, on my plate.

i highly encourage you to try it. it’s not hard. in fact, it’s pretty easy.

and you will love it.

we has a potato mishap, so instead of serving it with mashed potatoes i served it with some gnocchi. that was also heavenly.

i hope you had a Merry Christmas! i know between the cookbooks, homemade bacon gravy and biscuits, beef short ribs and drinking some of the best white wine i’ve ever had, i had the best holiday.

many blessings to you!

a moment.

last night, as i was in the kitchen preparing for Christmas, i couldn’t help but think of my grandmother. the one who sacrificed so much for me and my sister throughout the years. the one who made us breakfast for 12 years every morning before school. the one who gave us the barrel of gifts each time a grandchild was majorly sick. the one who showed me about selfless love like Christ. the one whose Bible i read out of every morning before school, learning anything i could about the psalms or the gospels. she loved so much that my heart now grows ten times just thinking about her.

this Christmas, my heart yearns for the Christmas’s where my grandmother welcomed us for Christmas brunch, where my grandaddy stood over the stove cooking bacon, where we loved much. so much, that even now, i still feel the most tender and caring love.

i was and am truly blessed to have some of the world’s best grandparents. i’m so very thankful that they lived close enough, and that they were all an integral part of my life.

warm, sweet tears of remembrance and joy fall down my face this Christmas.

my cup overflows.


i love everything about christmas. literally. i truly wish leaving christmas decorations up for months at a time were ok.


right now, im stressed.

maybe because my list is longer than the hours in the day


maybe because the Macy’s Santa Clause, the one that’s been traveling the states, is coming to my house thursday evening.

tyler (nor my sister or greg) has no idea.

it’s a big surprise.


i’ve been getting the house ready

wrapping presents

watching the most beautiful baby in the world,

who, is teething and is giving me a headache.

but, then he smiles at me and i forget how bad my head hurts.

so…christmas 2009…will be pretty awesome.

footed pajamas.

i loved footed pajamas as a child. the best memory i have of wearing them, was the fact that my sister used to fall ALL the time in them. they were definitely not her friend. but i remember laughing so hard because of it.

i also love footed pajames in babies,

particularly this baby in footed pajamas…

“what up, yo?”

he was trying to get the camera…

i couldn’t imagine loving this kid even more than i already do…but everytime i see him he does something new that tickles me…

babies are definitely God’s workmanship…they teach you so much about yourself, life and everything else.

baby steps.

tyler can stand on his own now.

it’s a big deal. a huge one.

because, he can’t crawl yet. he can’t crawl because of his PICC line.

but, he can stand.

he can stand.

my, what one can learn from this!

sometimes, life doesn’t go according to what tradition tells us.

life doesn’t look just like the books tell you it will.

but, life will happen in its own time.

though this story is about a baby. my favorite baby.

i learn multitudes through his life.

because sometimes you just might walk before you crawl.

and sometimes God doesn’t want you to be traditonal.

i’m ok with that. i’m ok with both of those.

because who wants to be traditional anyway??

not me.