my oldest and dearest friend got engaged this past weekend.

i am ecstatic for her.

i am even more ecstatic that she and her fiance aren’t moving to japan for three years.

b and i have known each other since 5th grade. she lives 2 miles from my house. and starbucks is 5 miles away from both of our houses. starbucks centered around our relationship as soon as i started driving. it was quaint. it was the perfect atmosphere to talk about boys, God, our family’s and life’s struggles. every now and then we hit up ihop.

she knew my grandparents as if they were her own, and i, hers. her basement has so many memories…like the time we sprayed our hair with temporary hot pink color. or the hours we tried to beat the stupid pinball machine of her grandfather’s. or watched countless movies on the most comfortable couch i’ve ever sat on. it was also the basement we practiced basketball in when it rained and we couldn’t outside.

our eighth grade and freshman years of high school were probably some of the hardest times of both of our lives. they were defining for us.

i couldn’t imagine going through any of those things with anyone else. i am thankful for b’s faithfulness to the Lord and her discernment for life. she is one of the wisest people i know. and so is her soon-to-be husband.

all this to say…i couldn’t be happier for b and masato [pronounced: mah-suh-toe]. they make me happy.


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