{i don’t like this person}

last night, i casually watched the American Music Awards, I made a point to watch Carrie Underwood perform (i love her), i saw the first part of Lady Gaga’s wretched performance, and then switched back over to the movie i was watching for fear that i would go blind if i looked at her outfit one more second. I secretly like the Alicia Keys and Jay-Z song, “Empire State of Mind”. Maybe it’s because I LOVE New York City. or maybe it’s because i think Alicia Keys is awesome. either one. take your pick.

but that’s not my point. that’s not why i’m writing. i’m writing today because of adam lambert’s “performance” last night. i’ll admit i was semi-interested in seeing what he had to offer, i liked his voice on american idol. but nothing, and i mean, nothing could have prepared me for what i saw.





just some of the words that ran through my mind when i saw his performance. forget the fact, that i could hardly understand what he was actually saying, only enough to know i would no longer be interested, whatsoever, in adam lambert.

i quickly changed the channel. and immediately felt so…so…sad. sad for our nation. sad for the younger generations. sad that “people” think that’s what america wants to see. and sad that america wants to see it.

please, for your sake, don’t youtube the performance if you didn’t see it. it’s ridiculous.



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