thankful for…

1. thanksgiving. it’s quickly approaching. and i am reminded this year more than any past holiday that, thanksgiving isn’t about where you have it and how much food you have. but more about the people you spend it with and the love that you can celebrate. praise Jesus for this one!

2. new direction.  new vision.

3. macy’s great tree lighting. thankful that tyler, d and greg have received hospital clearance for a few hours to be there to celebrate it with us. thankful that i will be with some of my favorite people ever. and thankful that i get to be a part of something so much a part of this city’s holiday celebrations.

4. a new haircut and color. it’s amazing how a new haircut can make you feel.

5. God has humbled me more in the past couple of years more than i thought possible. this has meant giving things up and letting go of what i might want and making room for what He wants. it’s uncomfortable and it stretches me, but i have grown to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. for that, i am forever grateful.



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