picture update.

as one would expect, i take pictures of tylerbug almost everyday. i’m working on this “first year” photo book of tyler for my sister and greg. i love the idea that there would be a photo for almost every day of his first year. well, towards the end of september that changed with his illness, and i didn’t get one good picture of him throughout the month of october. it saddened me so very much. i wanted to document his life, even if he was in the hospital and sick. but, i couldn’t. i could never bring myself to grab my camera before i left for the hospital. so…i have no pictures for october. i slightly regret not taking any pictures, but i know i wouldn’t change anything if i did it over again.

back to the point…

the past couple of days tyler has started smiling again. sometimes, even laughing. his second tooth cut last week. so now, when he smiles, he gets to show off his teeth. i love it!

though he is still really sick and we do not what the future will hold, today i am thankful that he was well enough to get dressed and take some pictures. enough talk…here’s what you want to see…







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