i have found that when i lack the time to do certain things in my life, whether that is cook a good meal, watch my favorite t.v. show, or just simply relax, it makes me acutely aware of what i prioritize. sometimes, this can be a great thing, other times it can be a rude awakening. either way, i always find that i’m thankful for the realization, no matter what it may be.

family has always been important to me. it’s something i highly value. but the past month has made me realize just how truly grateful i am for mine. i take them for granted sometimes. i hate that. but, i am thankful that God reminds me that no one is permanent in our life.

the internet is too much for me. don’t get me wrong, i like the internet. i love blogging. i love looking at all the amazing creativity on the internet, but i don’t need it. i can go a few days without it and just check my email. it’s freeing, really.

i have the some of the best people in my life. the best church family. i’m pretty sure there isn’t a day that goes by that one or two people don’t email me from north metro. my friends are incredible. praise Jesus for giving them to me. everyone single one of them.

i don’t need a lot to be content in this world. period. really, i don’t even need a lot of things to be content. just the aforementioned people and i’d be great.




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