tyler’s benefit and God’s glory.

If you’re wondering how you can help……here’s how:

1. pray. pray a lot. because God is listening.

2. buy a t-shirt and encourage everyone you know to buy one as well. they’re $10.  the front left chest features tyler’s name and the back will look like this. {please excuse the coloring, it’s not neon blue} we are taking orders now….so email me at nicoley.williams{at}gmail.com with shirt size!

tyler's ad

3. come to the benefit dinner! november 20th. it will have a yummy meal. dessert and my mom’s sweet tea. if you’ve never had my mom’s sweet tea, then you’ve never had sweet tea. and door prizes will be given. the door prizes are AWESOME!  plus, we’re {and by we’re, i mean my aunt} is working on some entertainment.

it has truly amazed me at how when God wants something done, people rally together and it just happens. two days ago, we were wondering what to do, and now, God has given a vision and we are following it. i fully expect him to blow me away.


shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like to place an order for t-shirts or dinner tickets! i hope to see you there!!



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