i have determined…

that although i am not as good as my grandmother, i can sew. and i spent this evening sewing velcro to some sleeves so that tyler could wear his-size clothing with his PICC line. the hospital doesn’t have clothes under 12 months, too bad tyler wears 3-6months.

that tea is my favorite drink. and my mom’s sweet tea is the best.

that my strength, truly comes from the great Lord above.

that it is more than ok for things not to be perfect.

that God humbles us over and over again. sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it’s scary, but God is glorified. and i know i can carry on.

that sometimes what we want, what we dream for isn’t ever going to happen. but whatever we get and have is just fine.

that i’m pretty selfish.

that my sister is one of the best things God blessed me with…besides air, water, a home to live in, etc…she is truly my best friend.

that i love serving people.

that everything will be ok. no matter what happens tomorrow. it’s scary. it’s heart-breaking. it’s unnerving. it’s surreal. most of all, it’s in God’s hands.


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