since graduating college, i have become more eco-friendly than i thought i ever would.

i have become a daily “reduce, reuse, recycle” kind-of-girl. and i love it.

also since graduating college, i fell in love with etsy. it’s by far my favorite website.

so, when both of those things combine…i am one happy girl.

it’s the simple things in life, really.

this is my have-to-have etsy find today, this Eco Desk Calendar by catseto. it’s on my christmas list. and when i’m done with the months, i’m going to frame them individually, as an art piece…for that apartment that is waiting on me. :)




my oldest and dearest friend got engaged this past weekend.

i am ecstatic for her.

i am even more ecstatic that she and her fiance aren’t moving to japan for three years.

b and i have known each other since 5th grade. she lives 2 miles from my house. and starbucks is 5 miles away from both of our houses. starbucks centered around our relationship as soon as i started driving. it was quaint. it was the perfect atmosphere to talk about boys, God, our family’s and life’s struggles. every now and then we hit up ihop.

she knew my grandparents as if they were her own, and i, hers. her basement has so many memories…like the time we sprayed our hair with temporary hot pink color. or the hours we tried to beat the stupid pinball machine of her grandfather’s. or watched countless movies on the most comfortable couch i’ve ever sat on. it was also the basement we practiced basketball in when it rained and we couldn’t outside.

our eighth grade and freshman years of high school were probably some of the hardest times of both of our lives. they were defining for us.

i couldn’t imagine going through any of those things with anyone else. i am thankful for b’s faithfulness to the Lord and her discernment for life. she is one of the wisest people i know. and so is her soon-to-be husband.

all this to say…i couldn’t be happier for b and masato [pronounced: mah-suh-toe]. they make me happy.


thanksgiving to me…

the preparations always start on wednesday, this includes preparations for sweet potato casserole, watergate salad (my mom makes this) and a couple other vegetable dishes. it’s usually a little stressful, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. on thanksgiving morning, in the midst of cooking, showering, and getting ready for the day, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is always on the television. when my sister still lived here, we ALWAYS, without fail, watched the Parade and then Miracle on 34th Street. it was our tradition. and it is one every year i think about and cherish. now, we wait and watch it on a weekend before Christmas.

after the movie ended, we packed everything up and headed to my grandmother’s, where all 30 of us would gather in the crazy, tiny kitchen at her house. [it’s a lot easier now…she lives in a bigger house and there are fewer people who attend .] thanksgiving at my grandmother’s is always chaotic. before the food is served, my dad always carves the turkey. after my grandfather passed when i was little, my dad was the only male in our family, so the task became his and is also another memory i cherish. i also love it because he lets me taste the turkey before we actually serve it to everyone.

once the turkey is carved and all the food is ready, my whole family, which at its smallest is 18 people but can be up to 30+, gathers in a circle. we hold hands, sing kum-ba-yah, and pray together out loud. ok, not really. just joking. we do gather in a circle and normally my grandmother picks a couple people out to share what they are most thankful for in their life. it’s usually very humbling and it usually means my dad and everyone else starts crying. we’re a very loud and emotional family.

afterwards, someone is usually asked to pray. that’s my favorite time. a time of reverance before the Lord to thank him for where we are, what we’ve been through, where we’re going and what we have in our life. it always reminds me of the verse, “For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45) that’s how i feel. i feel gratitude. i feel love. i am humbled. and in that short prayer time with my whole family, i am grounded.

though this years will be different and it won’t involve my grandmother’s house or lots of dishes. it will involve my family and i simply couldn’t ask for more. we will celebrate the goodness of God and his grace and mercy in our lives tomorrow at the hospital. all 17 members of my family are coming, dressed for television, where we will enjoy our meal in the cafeteria. i am predicting there will be lots and lots of tears. smiles. and lots of overwhelming thankfulness. we are thankful for this journey, though it be one we wouldn’t have wanted. we are thankful. it has brought a renewed sense of hope. faith. and love. love above all. tomorrow, we celebrate all the aforementioned and life. we celebrate tyler’s life. we don’t know what the future holds for my little buddy, but today, we are thankful.

just a little glimpse into my thanksgiving. i hope yours is as special and memorable as mine.

humor me, please.

i just wanted to say…

i love it when someone comments on a post…because i guess everyone else feels the need to read whatever was written by whoever wrote it.

it cracks me up.

because the activity on that blog post doubles, if not triples.

you crack me up, you nosey people.



{i don’t like this person}

last night, i casually watched the American Music Awards, I made a point to watch Carrie Underwood perform (i love her), i saw the first part of Lady Gaga’s wretched performance, and then switched back over to the movie i was watching for fear that i would go blind if i looked at her outfit one more second. I secretly like the Alicia Keys and Jay-Z song, “Empire State of Mind”. Maybe it’s because I LOVE New York City. or maybe it’s because i think Alicia Keys is awesome. either one. take your pick.

but that’s not my point. that’s not why i’m writing. i’m writing today because of adam lambert’s “performance” last night. i’ll admit i was semi-interested in seeing what he had to offer, i liked his voice on american idol. but nothing, and i mean, nothing could have prepared me for what i saw.





just some of the words that ran through my mind when i saw his performance. forget the fact, that i could hardly understand what he was actually saying, only enough to know i would no longer be interested, whatsoever, in adam lambert.

i quickly changed the channel. and immediately felt so…so…sad. sad for our nation. sad for the younger generations. sad that “people” think that’s what america wants to see. and sad that america wants to see it.

please, for your sake, don’t youtube the performance if you didn’t see it. it’s ridiculous.



that word makes me nervous.

it makes me scared.

it causes my mind to play scenarios that aren’t healthy for me to imagine.

it rattles me. emotionally. mentally. physically.

yet, i handle it better when it’s my aunt who’s getting it done.

not, my tylerbug.

not, my precious, adorable, could eat those chipmunk cheeks, 8-month-old nephew.

i don’t handle 8-month-old’s getting chemotherapy very well.

but, tylerbug is already stronger than me.

he proves it everytime he laughs at me when i blow on his belly.

he proves it when he smiles so big i can see his teeth.

he is stronger than me.

and i am learning multitudes through his journey.