thankful for…

getting a Martha Stewart Cookbook that was originally $35 for $7.

my mom surprising me with my favorite kind of chocolate (chocolate with espresso bark). it’s seriously the best i’ve ever had.

tybug coming home. not that he’s better. but he’s home.

making a homemade tuscan potato soup. (roasted garlic+yukon gold potatoes+fontina cheese+pancetta…how could it not be great?) one of the best i’ve had…i really want to make a ribollita soup.

sharing the experience of my mom’s first caramel apple spice and wishing we had ordered a grande.

seeing tybug smile. that alone melts my heart.

the 60-degree weather….it’s my favorite.

the crunchy leaves.

my new purple scarf.

and last but most certainly not least…

the Ultimate Healer and Comforter.

“Well of water, ever springing, Bread of life so rich and free,

Untold wealth that never faileth, My Redeemer is to me.”

-lyrics from Satisfied


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