the big picture.

im exhausted. every bone and joint aches in my body. i need sleep.

i found myself crying at 4:15 this morning from sleep deprivation, stress, and the overwhelming feeling that i can’t do a dern thing to make tylerbug feel better….all while holding him in my arms in the most uncomfortable chair man ever created. after 25 minutes of singing, rocking, praying for the Lord Almighty to soothe his soul for a few hours and everything-else-under-the-sun, the only thing that calmed him down was my still small voice. i spoke quietly and softly. it was if that’s all he wanted.

and i was reminded of the still small voice whispering in my own ear…”it’s ok. be strong because you are strong. you can do this. i’m helping you.”

and that was all i needed.

that was all he needed.

that’s all we need.

to be reminded that it’s ok.

and then….the big picture is clear and life is put into perspective.


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