cinnamon rolls.

first of all, OH. MY. GOODNESS. yeast can make a simple bread dough a gazillion times better. seriously. now that i’ve got that out, these cinnamon rolls rank up there with the first time i tried gelato. or a croissant in paris. or fried cheese in venice. all of which, i had the same reaction…i couldn’t describe what was happening inside my mouth.

i was slightly nervous about working with yeast…after all, as allison knows…i tend to not have great experience when working with it. the whole “kneading-rising-kneading-rising-kneading-and-the-final-rising” thing wears me down…and then you still don’t know if the bread was going to taste like you know it should. but i prevailed, knowing good and well that it would take over 3 hours to complete this mission.

and i must say…i couldn’t tell one bit that there was half the fat of normal cinnamon rolls and half the calories. they were delectable. the bread alone…indescribable. and then the whole cinnamony-melted icing thing wasn’t so bad either.

my dad normally stays out of the kitchen…unless, some good smelling thing brings him to walk in and find what it is…and normally eat it. this time he opened the cabinets, grabed a container, and said “i expect some of those to be in box ready for me in the morning.” a sign of approval on my part. job well done. {allison, i so wish you would’ve been here…i felt redeemed from our foccacia experience}

and just in case you decide you would like the recipe…here you go.





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