cooking light…i love you.

in case you’re wondering (because i know you are) what other food reading materials i light magazine is definitely one of them. it satisfies both my love for new and fresh recipes, as well as, my love for healthier recipes. i had a coupon to get a free today when i picked up the october issue, i knew it would be awesome. the cover itself told me so.

later this afternoon, i spent an hour (or more) devouring it, reading each recipe, the ingredients, the methods…it. was. awesome.

go get it. you’ll understand. so…

in honor of my 24th year of life coming up…which im unusually not that excited about….i decided i’m going to make myself cinnamon rolls.

the recipe is from cooking light, so i’ve justified that because only one cinnamon roll is 234 calories, it’s definitely ok. i mean…

don’t they look scrumptious?


i sure think so.

and just in case you wanted to know what recipes were featured in this month’s magazine…you can find that here.

my favorites:

tuscan-style potato soup, honey buttermilk rolls, chicken cacciatore, grilled chicken with mustard-terragon sauce, and the vanilla jack sabayon sauce.



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