a list

some things that are on my christmas list….

these awesome movies…




i almost bought these a couple of months ago….but the student loan line came before my misc spending in my budget-excel spreadsheet so…student loan it was.


a Le Creuset 9-Quart Dutch Oven. because every home cook needs a great dutch oven. it’s a must have. i prefer the caribbean blue color, unfortunately, i couldn’t find it online when i was searching.


this next one….seems a little absurd. but i cook a lot and the trash can isn’t readily available so i’ll find myself grabbing a clean pasta bowl to use as a garbage bowl. now,i don’t want this  exact one…but my mom and i are on the hunt for a solid garbage bowl. there i said it…i know it’s silly, but it’s a must have for me. scratch that….i found the BEST garbage bowl. It’s in the best blue color ever. And it was $3.24…I know, I know, a little expensive, but totally worth it.



just sometimes….

all i want

all i need

all i can count on

is a response.

it’s how i can go forward.



just sometimes

i don’t get it.



my hope rest in something greater,

something bigger,

someone who made me

pursues me

and loves me,


and sometimes i realize, again, that that is all i need.



no one



i have depth.

a dear friend once told me that. (i wish she read this blog)

we have almost identical personality types.

so, it’s easy to figure out that she knows instantly how i’m doing and how i’m dealing with any given situation.

even when most people don’t.

she knows when to call.

or shoot me an email.

she encourages.

she is a dear, dear friend.

i’m more thankful than ever for her today.

she is the kind of friend everyone should have.

another, cookbook….

yes…i know. i talk about cookbooks a lot. what can i say? i love to cook. and i long to have a bookshelf of just cookbooks. i believe that is essential for any true home cook. but…back to the point….this cookbook comes out today. and she comes to atlanta in december….i’m excited.




i’m even more excited about Thanksgiving fast approaching. :) :)

thankful for…

getting a Martha Stewart Cookbook that was originally $35 for $7.

my mom surprising me with my favorite kind of chocolate (chocolate with espresso bark). it’s seriously the best i’ve ever had.

tybug coming home. not that he’s better. but he’s home.

making a homemade tuscan potato soup. (roasted garlic+yukon gold potatoes+fontina cheese+pancetta…how could it not be great?) one of the best i’ve had…i really want to make a ribollita soup.

sharing the experience of my mom’s first caramel apple spice and wishing we had ordered a grande.

seeing tybug smile. that alone melts my heart.

the 60-degree weather….it’s my favorite.

the crunchy leaves.

my new purple scarf.

and last but most certainly not least…

the Ultimate Healer and Comforter.

“Well of water, ever springing, Bread of life so rich and free,

Untold wealth that never faileth, My Redeemer is to me.”

-lyrics from Satisfied

the big picture.

im exhausted. every bone and joint aches in my body. i need sleep.

i found myself crying at 4:15 this morning from sleep deprivation, stress, and the overwhelming feeling that i can’t do a dern thing to make tylerbug feel better….all while holding him in my arms in the most uncomfortable chair man ever created. after 25 minutes of singing, rocking, praying for the Lord Almighty to soothe his soul for a few hours and everything-else-under-the-sun, the only thing that calmed him down was my still small voice. i spoke quietly and softly. it was if that’s all he wanted.

and i was reminded of the still small voice whispering in my own ear…”it’s ok. be strong because you are strong. you can do this. i’m helping you.”

and that was all i needed.

that was all he needed.

that’s all we need.

to be reminded that it’s ok.

and then….the big picture is clear and life is put into perspective.


i love how God orchestrates the world, animals and the people of this earth to function for his good, his glory. i am often times reminded of this when sickness plagues someone, even myself. the reminder, that we, as humans, cannot do it alone. no amount of dependency on anyone, let alone ourselves, can provide a life worth living.  we are not good enough on our own.

God is.

sickness is one of the best ways for us to identify that we can’t do it alone.

or to ask ourselves how much of God are we truly allowing ourselves to give to him.


diy’er here.

i would never call myself a girly-girl. though, i like girly things…i’m of the impression that any woman should be able to take care of things herself, without the help of a man…though…some things were just meant for them.

to relieve the stress and worries my mind has had the last several days…i’ve picked up a new hobby: one that i’ve always loved but thought…my dad would do a better job…remodeling.

i’ve sanded, wood-puttied, transformed, and i will soon tile, and cut tile on a wet saw. i am pumped. i have discovered that this is almost as therapeutic as cooking and exercising. it gives me a short-term goal to work towards. and i love it.

so…while i’ve watched people do all sorts of remodel and renovations in their homes via HGTV and the DIY Network…i can now say that i, too, am a diy-er.