my favorite foods right now…

i will start this post off by explaining why i did this post….i love it when other people tell me what kinds of food they snack on or eat. mostly because 50% of the time, i’ve never heard of it or seen it before. with that said…here are a couple of my favorite things right now.


this is a staple in my home. if for some reason, we don’t have it…well, nevermind, because we always have it. i love it for snacking. :)

01583900821mom and i discovered these about a month ago. we like to grill chicken and then make a healthy version of nachos…these chips taste like they are really bad for you, but aren’t. and that’s why i love them so much. we also like to grab just a few and crumble them up in our salads before we eat them…it gives it a little crunch and salty bite.


these Bartlett Pears. i love pears. (and as frisbee knows, my grandmother gets some of the best.) they are in season right now and super cheap at the store.


mom and i have been trying several sauces over the past month or so, to try and find a healthier and tastier version than the one she had bought my whole life. well…right now we are LOVING this one.

so there you have it.

can i please say how grateful i am that my house wasn’t any more damaged than it was from the flooding that has been going on? praise Jesus.


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