sun-dried tomatoes.


sun-dried tomatoes make me happy. i remember the first time i had one, it blew my taste buds away. ok, so maybe i should explain the story…annie and i were walking through our local grocery store, aka the conad (i know, the name is hilarious), located here…

Picture 1

so, anyway, we were searching for ingredients to make what would later become “our” italian sandwich. as we were walking and looking we noticed a twenty-something woman who had some bibb lettuce, onion, cheese (of course), and this package of something red in oil. we immediately thought it was a pepper…(we’d seen giada with similar packaging). we went on the search for them, and, to our surprise, the red packaging was sun-dried tomatoes. except, they weren’t like the really dried ones we’re used to here in the states. these sun-dried tomatoes were still soft, yet flavorful beyond belief.

fast forward after we checked out and walked the 12 minutes back to our 5th floor apartment, where we slathered our pesto (which, i will add, is THE best pesto i will ever eat. ever.) onto our fresh bread, topped it with two sun-dried tomatoes, a thick slice of asiago cheese, and chicken. toast it until the pesto and cheese are oozing and you have it. the BEST sandwich ever. my mom still talks about eating “that” sandwich when she came to visit.

so, now you know. but i’ve made another list of other things sun-dried tomatoes are good for….

ravioli: as part of the filling or sauce

salad dressing….(allison and i tested this one out…it’s the bomb.)

a sandwich topping (obviously)

inside a burger (as prevously discussed)

on a salad

any pasta dish

in a soup

a dip (take goat chese and sun-dried tomatoes, add a touch of lemon and fresh parsley, guaranteed satisfaction)

i could keep going…but i’ll stop. a post about sun-dried tomatoes is ridicuous. but that’s just how i roll. :)

be blessed.


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