a post about different things…

1. i took tyler’s 5 month-old pictures. here are a few of my favorites:




2. i received an email today from a dear friend that posted this in the email from a devotional book. i loved it. and the quote is wonderful.

Everyone who asks received; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
Matthew 7:8
As much as we hate to admit it, we are never more attuned to God’s voice than when we are in desperate need. We search our hearts for obstructive sins; we examine our relationships for hindrances of conflict or bitterness; we diligently dig into God’s Word for His promises and assurances; and we hang on to any little word of His faithful and unfailing character. We grow during these times more than any other. Most people looking back on their lives will readily admit that the times of need
were the times of flourishing in their relationship with God. And God built us exclusively for relationship.

Given this, why would God possibly want to rush us through that process? Why would He hasten to answer our prayers and subvert the purpose of this experience? We often think His delay is due to some divine indifference, a lack of caring on His part for those He says He loves. But it is just the opposite. His delays are granted us precisely because He cares so much. Immediate answers to fleeting prayers would never bring us this close to Him, no matter how much we try to assure Him that they would. He knows how we work.
He knows we can learn from Him and be conformed to His image in no other way.

We see our need as a desperate situation. God designs it for an opportunity to know Him more intimately.
When we are truly needy, we learn of Him as Provider.
When we are really sick, we learn of Him either as Healer or as Comforter–whichever role He wants to reveal to us.
We might think we are being punished by His silence. We are not. We are being rewarded.
He is drawing us closer to Him, saying, “Come nearer, learn from Me, know Me as your Strength, your Defender, your Refuge.”
Keep praying.
This is a far greater blessing than an immediate answer.

“It is when the answer to prayer does not come…that the trial of faith, more precious than gold, takes place.”
-Andrew Murray-
3. i enjoy nmc so much. the people there. the leaders. the staff. my south african team. my bible study girls. echo. the current series, “Cathedral”  is blowing me away…God has brought so much to the table. i’m so thankful that i have a family there…who fight for me. pray for me. love me. i am way blessed. and grateful.
4. i am soooo excited about d’s birthday present. :)

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