call me suzy homemaker.

when i was 12, my mom started calling me that. i loved to clean and have things organized and most importantly, i loved to cook. i’m positive i’ve lived up to that nickname before…but in the past two days, i have owned that name, as far as cooking is concerned. :)

i have cooked these things::

homemade granola…it’s so good. toasted until slightly crispy, but not break-your-teeth crunchy. throw some almonds and craisins in there, and you’ve got perfection.

homemade blueberry banana bran muffins…very raw and fresh tasting. they’re not super sweet but fill your tummy up.

homemade applesauce. i wanted to eat all of it while it was still warm. it would’ve tasted soo good over some vanilla bean ice cream.

vegetable soup. yum-o. tasty. satisfying. extra-healthy.

one problem with cooking this much….i need a bigger freezer. between the frozen vegetables, frozen fresh fruit, vegetable soup, and muffins with all of the other normal things in there….there’s not a lot of room. :)

ok…thats all. if you want any of the recipes…let me know. :) :)


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