week recap, my style.

this is what i’ve deducted from this past week’s experiences::

1. newnan and dallas need to be at least 30 minutes closer together.

2. starbucks should definitely stay open until at least 11:00pm, midnight would be perfect.

3. tyler has grown so much in the past couple of weeks. he now rolls, eats his toes and is almost crawling. weird.

4. i love hand-written cards and writing them. (except, i wish postage was free.)

5. i don’t like the new healthcare system, as a whole, being “discussed”.

6. i am a big dreamer.

7. i love the color eggplant purple, lima bean green, and robin egg blue.

8. the garlic and pepper seasoning my grandmother gave me is not good. it tasted good when i tried it before i seasoned the chicken i was going to grill. after grilling, it was not edible, in my opinion. my dogs really seemed to love it, though.

9. i have the best friends. hand down.

10. i want to own Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. donations accepted. i simply couldn’t afford to buy it right now.

i have had a good week. started a little shaky but here it is, almost Friday and i’m grateful. a busy, but great weekend ahead: Channel One tomorrow night, Marietta Square Farmer’s Market and the South African Store Saturday, and an early morning at church on Sunday filled with lots of pictures and kids. i love it!

p.s. this might be not ok to say, but it’s my blog, right? “My Best Friend” wine is THE best red wine i’ve ever had in my life. seriously. South Africans know what they’re doing. I’m hoping to get some saturday. and if you ever get the opportunity to try it…Do it. you won’t regret it.


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