Kroger: love/hate relationship

when asked…i will most likely always choose Kroger over Publix. I feel like you can save more and there is more variety there. and i dislike how small the grocery karts are at Publix (I mean, really, Publix…if your carts were bigger, people would buy more, increasing your sales. just a thought.)

back to the point…my Kroger is notorious for running a really good sale and when we (my mom and I) go to partake, a.k.a., save some money, they NEVER have it. apparently, they ran out. Really? Again? Are you serious? just some of the thoughts that go through my mind. in this case…it was time for us to stock up on Tyson Chicken. they had none. and since the sale runs all week they wouldn’t give us a raincheck. i guess they think people ALWAYS have time to come back to the grocery store.

so there lies the love/hate relationship with Kroger. Love te store. Hate the sales.

a piece of advice:: if you have a Sam’s/Costco card (which i would highly recommend paying the $40 a year for it) get the Frozen Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken there. for a 6 lb. bag, it’s $11.00 dollars. that’s $1.82 a pound…cheaper than the $1.99 sale Kroger was running. you can’t beat that. yes, you have to thaw it in a ziploc bag in the fridge the night before….but it’s worth it. also…i tried this tonight for the first time….very tasty. and on sale. even better…


Did i really just blog about that? yes, yes i did. :)


One thought on “Kroger: love/hate relationship

  1. Ok, somehow I missed some of your posts when I was reading earlier. I happen to feel the exact same way about Kroger and Publix. I always shop at Kroger for my “main” grocery shopping, but every week I also stop by Publix for their Spring Mix salad. For some reason, it rocks. Way more than the Kroger Spring Mix. Don’t ask me why. Pair that with a bag of spinach and yum to the o. I’ve also been eating my salads with olive oil. Who knew that could be so good? But… I digress to the point of this post. Thank you so much for analyzing the Tyson bagged chicken versus chicken on sale at Kroger. I’ve promised myself that I would figure out the price per pound, but it’s been over a year since that promise and I still hadn’t done the math. So, thanks to you, my humming friend, I will purchase the frozen chicken. You’re awesome. ~BW

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