stirring my affections.

earlier this year, probably in march-ish, rob mcdowell (the college pastor at nmc) shared one night about what stirred his affections for God. i love the imagery of thinking about what makes you feel more love for the Lord. and i also love how everyone is different.

to me, these are just some of the things that stir my affections::

cooking a meal for someone

seeing a shooting star (is that proper grammar? i dont think so.)

reading from my grandfathers Ryrie Study Bible every night. (just knowing how much he impacted my life from all he learned from that Bible, it moves me to know that God is doing the same with me)

the warm, fuzzy feeling when im worshiping, because i know He is alive within me.

when i read something that moves my heart to tears, i.e., someone’s salvation story, the miracles God performed in someone’s life…

when i share my testimony. i haven’t shared it in the last few months without crying. knowing that God is a God of change and is faithful about taking you from the depths of where you are to the wonderful, loving place He wants you to be is overwhelming, in the best possible way.

when i listen to “Let Your Love Shine”, “Desert Song”, “Lead Me to the Cross” and “How He Loves”.

a beautiful sunset.

international missions…no matter where just not here.

there are so many more…think about it. what stirs your affections?



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