fact: i’m a foodie.

i’m pretty sure if you didn’t know me, within minutes you would get the impression that i love food. whether that be food network, health food, Whole Foods, food blogs, cookbooks, etc. ANYway, i always love finding new finds…and though this one isn’t a new find, i thought i would take a moment and let you know about it. the CLIF Bar.

clifbar.crunchy peanut butter

that would be my personal favorite right now…though i haven’t tried one that i didn’t like. they offer them in the regular sizes and mini’s. i have yet to find the mini…even with trips to Whole Foods. my recommendation is to take the regular size Bar and half it. that way it’s only 100 calories and it would still be filling.

have i really spent that much time talking about a CLIF Bar? yes. yes i have.

so…what fun, yummy things do you like?


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