a week ago, today.


a week ago today i led the morning devotional for my team and Unsung Heroes staff. i shared with them about our Identity in Christ/Freedom in Christ. i told them of my life since graduating college. even though many told me that God definitely used me as a messenger to speak into their lives, i still think that God ordained that message for me. i learned so much from the words Jesus gave me.

but also a week ago i was in Tempisa at a place called Tshwaranang. we drove up, got out of the van, and stood there as a group of about 60 kids welcomed us with a song that brought every American to tears. as the tears streamed down my face i couldn’t help but thinking that i was there to bless them, encourage them, love on them, and yet, i was the one on the receiving end. these children, of whom many only eat one meal a day, have HIV/AIDS, are the oldest person in their house, because their parents have died, have life. and so, as i said hello to many of them and spent the next several hours playing with them, dancing with them in their south african games, and teaching them red rover; i can’t help but recall feelings of disbelief and extreme joy. when a black child runs to you, grabs you and begs of you to hug them and love on them, it’s all you can do not to cry. who cares if i have boogars on my clothes, or seriously embarrass myself by dancing in the middle of a circle? who cares if i purposely color outside of the lines to make another child feel better about his/her picture? the great thing about what Unsung Hereos is doing, is that they are literally being the hands and feet of Jesus. so, who cares if every single child i hugged or got close to had HIV/AIDS, because at the end of the day, that may be the only love they get before they walk the 20km home to stay in a cold home with little clothing. oh, how my heart longs to love more on these children.

these short south africa clips will happen more and more as i process through one great and amazing trip. i pray i return one day. i pray even more that more churches in America will partner with Unsung Heroes.


One thought on “a week ago, today.

  1. this just brought me to tears. i can’t wait to hear more and hopefully go there myself. i love you, friend, and God is doing some SERIOUSLY awesome stuff in you and through you.

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