a personal note…

i leave in 4 days for johannesburg, south africa.

it will take 17 hours to get there. a 2 hour flight to Washington, D.C. then a direct flight to SA. you’d think i was a little anxious about a 13 hour direct flight…maybe, a wee bit. but it’s all in the hands of the one who holds the sun at the exact distance and perfect axis. and that simply comforts my soul to know that i will make it. i have some new karen kingsbury books packed and francine rivers, as well as lies women believe so i can read if all else fails. not to mention the wonderful invention of the ipod. thank you Jesus for portable music.

i am pretty much packed. that is relieving.

out of everything i could miss about my life in america while i’m gone…im going to miss, tyler lee chappell the most. i mean, how could you not miss this face?

Photo 30

he will be over 4 months when i return. i can hardly believe that.

i cannot express how encouraging my church family is…i mean, i walk in and am lavished with love…i go to leave and am lavished with even more love. God is so expressive and affectionate.

my heart is already softened to what God is going to do with this trip…i am excited to take part in it.

be authentic.


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